Jack Elliott
This is my personal website, I may occasionally post stuff here. you can contact me via email at the following address: contact@jackelliott.co.uk
Newfoundland Invasion 3 Electric boogaloo
I'm coming to Newfoundland again 28th and leaving on the 4th
All times in UTC+1 unless otherwise stated.

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London Paddington From
Plymouth Train Station
Depart 07:47 Arrive 11:26
Hotel In London
Arrive 27/08/16
Depart 28/08/16 5:00
London Victoria from
Tower Bridge
Depart 5:17 Arrive 5:36
Gatwick Intl Airport from
London Victoria
Depart 5:45 Arrive 6:27
St Johns Intl Airport from
Gatwick Intl Airport
Depart 9:25 Arrive 11:42 NDT
Trip in Newfoundland
Arrive 28/08/16
Depart 04/09/16
Heathrow Intl Airport from
St Johns Intl Airport
Depart 22:05 NDT Arrive 6:35
London St Pancras Intl from
Heathrow Intl Airport
Depart 08:35 Arrive 09:45
Derby Train Station from
London St Pancras Intl
Depart 10:30 Arrive 12:43
Newfoundland Invasion 2 Travel Details
I'm coming to Newfoundland again i arrive on the 26/12/15, Details of travel will be here when finalised.

UPDATE: I've been there and back again, I never did post my travel details not that it would have proved particularly usefull from anything other than an archival perspective, the trip went reasonably other than the occasional mental breakdown... I only got to see Devon for 15 mins but I got drunk a few times so it's all good.

Movie Club
Aparently even a movie club is more effort than we can handle. CANCELED D:>

I'm starting a Movie club, where a member of the club suggests a movie which we all watch either independently or as a group which we then discuss, possibly over drinks and food. would watch/discuss one movie per week.

It's basically a book club for Movies because effort.
Movie Club Site
Newfoundland Invasion Travel Details
I'm coming to Newfoundland i arrive on the 18/08/15, in the interest of minimising my personal privacy here is all the details of my travel.

Countdown concluded I'm back in England the invasion was a success, they now say ring rather than call.

Derby Train Station from
Depart 5:45 Arrive 6:10
London St Pancras Intl from
Derby Train Station
Depart 6:33 Arrive 8:39
Kings Cross Piccadilly from
London St Pancras Intl
Depart 8:39 Arrive 8:49
Heathrow Intl Airport from
Kings Cross Piccadilly
Depart 8:49 Arrive 9:49
St Johns Intl Airport from
Heathrow Intl Airport
Depart 13:00 Arrive 15:05